Oh Hey, DNA

Oh Hey, DNA

One (of many) things I felt I sacrificed to have a baby was my skin. My skin wasn’t great in high school until I went on birth control, and then it was seemingly fine because it was maintained by fake hormones. The moment I went off birth control, I hit puberty in my skin again. There was nothing I could do. On top of that, once I had to increase my hormone levels with IVF meds, it got even worse. It didn’t balance out until I got pregnant and then all of my blemishes turned brown because that’s what happens when your pregnant if you have blemishes to begin with. So getting my skin back has been a priority for me. It makes me happy to have healthy looking skin and makes me very unhappy when I don’t. Call me vain, skin is just one of my things.

A week after giving birth, I had some broken blood vessels removed with IPL (broken blood vessels also develop during pregnancy). Having those minor tiny red dots removed, that no one else noticed but me, already made me feel better and back to my former self (aesthetically). Finding non invasive, pregnancy safe, breastfeeding safe, overall safe, treatments isn’t easy. So Dr. Rita Linkner helped me find ways of getting my skin back while still breastfeeding. One of the things she kept mentioning every time I saw her in the past few months was a process called microneedling with PRP. I looked it up and was horrified seeing Kim Kardashian with a bloody face and what was described as a “vampire facial.” I kept putting it off until I learned more about it and loved the concept of using my own platelets to treat my skin. The overall concept is that with your platelets entering your skin again, it stimulates new collagen. What could feel more natural than that? It reminded me of how I used my own breastmilk to heal my nipples during that initial week of breastfeeding and how it beat ANY balm, lotion, or cream.

I designated a weekend that I knew would be low-key, (meaning that I wouldn’t see a single person outside my immediate family) for the day or two that would require down time. Down time because no one would want to see a raw red faced monster, but otherwise you feel fine physically. I went in to see Rita on a Friday, and was really nervous throughout the entire process. I’m not crazy about blood in general. The numbing cream was put on my face and blood was drawn from my arm. The blood was then spun in a centrifuge and my platelets were isolated. Then a tool with rows of microscopic needles was used to create pores for the platelets to sink through my skin. As the needle tool ran across my face, I was also being slathered in my own platelets. It sounds a bit barbaric, slathering yourself in your own blood, but it made it feel that much more natural and organic. Call me crazy. There were no outside chemicals being used for what was, by far, the most amazing treatment I’ve ever gotten. The taste of blood on my lips, (the platelets) and knowing it was dripping down the back of my neck, were probably the most uncomfortable parts of the whole experience. I didn’t think it hurt but I may just have been distracted by the taste of blood. I read this article and it’s spot on in terms of how this facial makes you feel but she found it a lot more painful than me.

After the procedure was done and I accepted that I now looked like I got trapped in a tanning bed, my only disappointment was that I didn’t have a blacked out suburban waiting for me with someone holding a tarp over me like I was a celeb dodging the paparazzi. Instead, just my luck, I had one of those uber experiences gone wrong where I was walking up and down Park Avenue, trying to find my uber who wasn’t answering his phone and when he did, he couldn’t tell me where he was (imagine). Aside from that, I rocked my raw face in Ocean Township, NJ,  that weekend (where I grew up) and was giddy every time I looked in the mirror. Beneath the red irritation, I could already see skin tha,t I swear, I hadn’t seen in a decade or more. I could tell that each day, almost each hour, my skin was just radiating smoothness.

The reason I am posting about this, and felt it was worthy of it, is because I really believe in this process. All I used was my own blood and technology of 2018 to bring my skin back a few years. Don’t we all deserve to turn back the clock a little, especially when becoming a mom makes that clock go so fast?