Pump but make it fashion…

Pump but make it fashion…

So in the past year or so, the most major question when you become a mom has definitely become “what wireless pump are you going to get?” I could not even remotely wrap my head around how I was going to breastfeed this time around, let alone pump. I remember pumping was the most antiquated situation of childbirth when I had Tess. A noisy machine that looked like it was made in 1950 that literally made you feel like you were on a leash. Giving birth to a second child while running my own businesses and momming a toddler seemed impossible enough, there was no way I was going to be able to pump while doing any of it without having a wireless one.

So I went to town. I did my research, asked all the mom friends I had about which was the best to get. I led two moms groups and asked them too. The consensus in my world was to get the Elvie. So I reached out to Elvie and was lucky enough to get one gifted to me (no promise of sponsorship/promotion nor was I getting paid to do anything – just plain gifted).

I didn’t have expectations besides that I was told it was the most silent pump of all and that unlike the Willow (at the time), the Elvie used bottles vs. expensive disposable bags and held 5 ounces instead of 4 ounces. So I was already kind of sold on a less expensive option that was also silent and had larger volume capacity.

The Elvie is everything it promises to be with a few areas of troubleshooting involved. I am able to work, dance, change diapers, eat, walk around, freely use my hands to text, take selfies, and basically do anything besides a cartwheel and shower, while wearing the Elvie pumps. I even can pump at the dinner table like I did publicly on Thanksgiving at our country club.

Some disclaimers:

1. I have been blessed with a good milk supply so I want to just give that disclaimer – I produce enough using the Elvie to not really notice an issue in that area. I’ve been told that people don’t produce as much with it as they do with a pump that plugs in. It has not been an issue for me, and I even relied on JUST the Elvie when I was apart from Nell at 6.5 weeks post partum for a 4 day trip to Florida.

2. It needs constant charging – luckily the app lets you know the battery life that is left, but plan on charging after each use.

3. It isn’t as amazing unless you use the app! I am against downloading unnecessary apps and didn’t download the Elvie app at first. A fellow mom friend urged me to because she told me I was majorly missing out on the fact that the app lets you know how long you’ve been pumping (remembering the time I start nursing or start pumping is literally IMPOSSIBLE – I cannot ever remember for the life of me what time it was when I start either process), the app lets you know how much you’ve pumped instead of having to lift your shirt and look in a mirror and you can change the speed using the app instead of reaching your hand down your shirt. The app is the game changer.

4. You have to adjust parts and boobs to get it right. Don’t anticipate just slipping them in and going about your business, anticipate a minute or two of adjusting nipples and parts before you feel the perfect suction, once you get the hang of it, you’ll get it right with lining everything up.

5. Don’t sterilize the parts. I used the microwaveable bags while I was in Florida and it warped the shields and I thought my pumps were broken because of it. Luckily their customer service is on point and we got to the bottom of it.

6. Use it with a bra that isn’t too loose, you want those babies to stay in place! I like to use this bra with is vs. a regular nursing bra.

7. Unless you’re on the go for every single pump, get a pump that plugs in like the Spectra S2Plus – Sometimes I just want a traditional pump to really empty my boobs especially before bed, the Elvie bottles only go up to 5 ounces (yes, sometimes I pump more than that!).

Hope this helps you feel less isolated in a dark corner somewhere in your apartment at 5 am and instead you can be doing something more exciting like folding laundry or brushing your teeth while pumping.

Last point – its pricey, register for it STAT.